Vibrant and full of life, Elizabeth ‘Lily’ Hart celebrated her 100th birthday on Monday 11 July at Queenshaven Old Age Home in South Hills.

The facility invited her entire family to come and celebrate this special day with her, along with all the other elderly people residing at the old age home.

British Monarch Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II also sent Hart a birthday card, wishing her a wonderful day and a fruitful life.

Born Elizabeth Ida Louise Rohrs on 11 July 1916, Hart was born on a farm in KwaZulu-Natal. Growing up she could only speak Zulu and German. She only learnt to speak English when she started school at the age of six.

“At the age of 12 I lost my mother due to breast cancer and from there I had to move around staying with different family members. When I turned 17 I decided to follow my sister at Life Entabeni Hospital and became a nurse”, said Hart.

She then met her husband Norman Hart at the hospital – a year later they got married and had two daughters before World War 2 and two more daughters after the war ended. Sadly, her husband passed away in 1981 from a brain tumour.

“Queenshaven is a beautiful place filled with kind staff members, and I give the Lord all the praise for giving me such a wonderful second family”, said Hart.