12 ways to celebrate Mandela Day

Tomorrow (18 July) we will once again celebrate Mandela Day and some may still be wondering how they can observe the day.
Here are ten ways to serve your community on the day:
1. Do a neighbourhood clean-up. Gather friends and family and walk together through the neighbourhood armed with plastic gloves and black bags.
2. Make ‘care kits’. You can include in them a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, face cloth and so forth. Take these to Edenvale Hospital or Life Bedford Gardens Hospital for the patients there.
3. Throw a tea party. Tea parties can be for anyone – the community’s golden oldies or children and carer’s from the local children’s home. Bring lots of cake! A perfect treat for the community’s worthiest recipients.
4. Share something inspiring and uplifting with your friends on social media. Maybe research an issue that can help or uplift others and post your findings for others’ benefit.
5. Gather a sandwich brigade. Make lots of sandwiches and hit the streets with a group of like-minded residents. When you find someone in need of food, why not eat your lunch with them?
6. Become a blood donor or enlist as an organ donor.
7. Message some kind words to a person you admire or know needs encouragement on social media. You can even endorse someone’s skills on LinkedIn.
8. Baby-sit for a single parent.
9. Teach someone a new skill. This might mean teaching someone from the older generation how to use a computer and the Internet, or teaching a child, for example, how to ride a bicycle.
10. Bake some biscuits and take them to a police station for the police officers. They work hard and need your support.
11. Go through your house and donate some of your good quality items to a charity shop.
12. Write a letter to a newspaper editor (heather.djunga@tametimes.co.za) about an issue you care about.

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