Housing issue in Reiger Park

Housing issue in Reiger Park

The tame TIMES had a visit to the Reiger Park community to have a sit down with Hein April who pointed out some of the issues that the community is experiencing with service delivery such as housing.

“Since 1994 not a single house has been built in the Reiger Park community”, said April

April argued that the housing issue can affect the youth in the community because many young people live in their parents back yards. People are frustrated in the community without houses and some have been on the housing list since 1993 and are still without houses.

April said that for the last 16 years people have been told about the leeuport housing development which is the biggest housing plan in Ekurhuleni.

“It is not just a leadership problem but the people are also starving for information because they are not informed of what is happening with this issue. There are areas between popcorn valley and the flats that got infrastructure already-but no houses has been built. There are 40 000 backyard dwellers in the community and in the informal settlements”, said April.

The problem that the Reiger Park community is faced with is that people are being mislead believes April.

“Only people such as the officials in Ekurhuleni and the Gauteng Department of Housing is man-dated to promise people houses. Our people must not be mislead by people who pretend to be a government offi cial that promises them houses. It is time that our community must stand together and start becoming active citizens in addressing this issue”, added April