Causing a splash for children

Causing a splash for children

On 10 February, up and coming attorney from BBM (Biccari Bollo Mariano) Law in Bedfordview, Chanel Frankel, will swim the world’s largest open water swim, the Aquelle Midmar Mile, in aid of the Sithanda Upliftment Projects initiative.

This initiative, in Kwa-Zulu Natal, supports underprivileged communities through the provision of Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres.

Chanel explained: “I will be tackling the swim along with 70 other #SithandaMilers. We will participate as a united team with one goal – to uplift our beautiful country, shape the future of South Africa and realise the full potential of the human spirit.”

Sithanda means ‘We Love’ in isiZulu. Through providing ECD centres for underprivileged communities, those committed to the initative hope to unlock true human potential in the country’s future leaders.

The ECD centres cater for children up to the age of six years old, providing them with base level education and their first stepping stone to a better future.

Early childhood is the most critical time of development. During this time, the foundations for physical, emotional and intellectual well-being are laid. Presently in South Africa, children under the age of four year make up 10.4 percent of the population. Still, some 84 percent of this group do not have access to early childhood development facilities, meaning that 5.6 million children do not receive the stimulation and critical development required to allow them to reach their full potential (Unicef, Young Lives report).

Midmar Mile marks the first fundraiser on the events calendar for Sithanda Upliftment Projects and the team from Sithanda has set out to raise R100 000 from this event.

They aim to raise R1 000 per swimmer participating in the fundraising initiative. Chanel said she hoped to crush this target and raise even more with the help of the community and her team from BBM Law.

How can you help?

To assist Chanel and Sithanda through donating any amount, contact her at .za.

Sithanda’s banking details are:

Bank: FNB

Account name: Sithanda UP

Acc Number: 627 289 925 47

Branch Number: 255 355


Please note that the above reference must be used to properly allocate the donations/sponsorships for each swimmer. All proof of payments can be sent to, so that record can be kept of donations/sponsorships coming in, and these can be forwarded to Sithanda for documentation purposes.