Abashiri preparing for the SA Triple Crown

Abashiri preparing for the SA Triple Crown

Abashiri is preparing for the third leg of the SA Triple Crown that will be taking place on Saturday 30 April at Turffontein Racecourse.

There’s a R2-million bonus awaiting the horse who succeeds in winning all three legs of the Triple Crown, but it takes an exceptional horse to accomplish that feat – one who combines a rare blend of speed, stamina, courage and determination. In short a true champion!

Adriaan and Rika van Vuuren, the owners of Abashiri, have great love for their prize horse and boast a great expectation that he will perform well and trusts that the victory goes their way.

“Abashiri is different from other horses and he knows his job on the racecourse. His nature is calm and he is very laid back,” said Adriaan.

“With a great trainer like Mike Azzie on our side, we are confident that Abashiri stands a good chance of taking the victory on the day,” said Adriaan.

“My wife and myself are becoming more anxious as the time draws near but we try to not think negative or limit ourselves to thinking positive. We know that Abashiri will give his everything to win”, he added.

Azzie said that the training is going very well. “Abashiri has won the first two legs of the Triple Crown and with that determination he stands a great chance to take the victory for the third leg. I have a horse that has the ability to succeed”, said Azzie.

Azzie added that the personality of Abashiri is every trainer’s dream because it’s one that strives.