The Adventures of Rosie and her Tame Tiger

The Adventures of Rosie and her Tame Tiger

Pawl was glad Rosie took him with in her backpack to the launch of Ice Age 4: Collision Course. He was particularly fond of movies with tigers, and he had heard this particular movie happened to have two tigers – saber-toothed tigers, but tigers nonetheless. These, along with all of the other fantastical and loveable characters which have made Ice Age so popular with both children and adults alike.

In this movie, the characters attempt to stop a meteor from hitting planet earth. The feat seems impossible but somehow this doesn’t deter the unlikely team of travellers – including sloths, mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, among others- from heading across the prehistoric jungle to make history.

All this, of course, happens in 3D, with star dust, meteorites and in many instances, mammoth tusks, extending into the visual space, adding to the suspense of the narrative.

Pawl was relieved a pair of Pawl-sized 3D glasses was available for him to wear. He ducked and dived with the action of ‘flying’ debris, and in many instances was left clutching onto Rosie’s arm.

Fancying himself a courageous tiger, and identifying somewhat with the saber-toothed tigers who were part of the team which saved the mammoth population of planet earth, Pawl left the movie chin up, believing as the characters did, that when you keep your sense of humour, determine to make true love your motive and work as a team, anything is possible.

The movie is filled with the humorous, silly moments Ice Age has become well-known for. There is Scrat, the nutty squirrel, which in other movies of the series moves glaciers and causes avalanches with his antics. In this movie, Scrat manages to move an entire planet through chasing his wayward acorn. There is Sid, the stinky sloth, who finally finds true love and ‘Granny’ sloth, completely lovable in her unloveliness. While the show might not have a narrative comparable to the first in the series, it is light-hearted, entertaining and carries a simple message: love doesn’t just change things, it saves things – even whole worlds, from catastrophic meteors.

The entertaining show is available for viewing at the IMAX 3D theatres at Eastgate Shopping Centre and other Ster-Kinekor theatres.
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