Bedfordview panga chaos ends with suspect fatally wounded

A sector police officer has been left seriously wounded after being attacked by a panga earlier today in Kirky Road, Bedfordview when attending to a scene of reported intimidation in the area. The suspect was fatally shot when police fired shots at him, in response to the violent attack.
Captain Andre de Jager, Bedfordview Police spokesperson, told tame TIMES workers who had been sent to cut grass in the road, had been confronted by a man who threatened to harm them and chased them away.
They had then reported the incident to the relevant Sector Police vehicle which had then arrived on scene to attend to the matter.
“On confronting the suspect, the officer was attacked by a panga. The suspect also had a butcher knife in his possession,” he said.
He said officers had fired at the suspect when he had attacked the officer, and he had been fatally wounded.
Gavin Henry, chairperson of the Bedfordview Community Policing Forum (BCPF) reported: “Today we are saddened to report that one of our officers has been badly wounded. The Sector vehicle was called to Kirkby Road because of a vagrant behaving in a threatening manner. On arrival the SAPS members were attacked with a panga and were forced to return fire, killing the perpetrator. The injured officer has a large gash in his head and a very bad injury to his hand.He has been transported to hospital and we wish him a speedy recovery from the Bedfordview community.”
Capt de Jager was at the hospital with the injured officer at the time of speaking to the press.