Bedfordview’s own Charlize

Bedfordview’s own Charlize

Leeuwenhof Akademie learner Charlize Herman (17) said people often commented that she was a true ‘Charlize’. Having similar ambitions to her namesake, she said that her dream was that one day the surname Herman would be as recognised as much as ‘Theron’. “She is a star worth admiring,” she told the tame TIMES.

Charlize recently released her debut music album for her song, ‘Met Net Een Kyk’ and as a talented speaker, won in the ATKV National Public speaking finals.

She said her heart was primarily in music. “I live for writing new songs,” she said. “Thanks to the interesting people in my life, I have a lot of ideas about songs regarding life and love.”

She said she started out writing songs as gifts to loved ones. Her song, ‘Met Net Een Kyk’, was inspired by a high-school relationship.

Music has been an integral part of Charlize’s upbringing but she said her success in music was a result of her passion more than anything else.

“The reality is that I had had no formal music training and can play no more than four guitar chords. I sing merely from the heart.” She explained the process of songwriting: “The song starts as a tune in my head which then pours out as a song, with basic chords on my guitar. Inspiration usually strikes in the middle of the night.

I make recordings of the tune on my phone whilst half asleep and then develop my songs at every chance I get.”

She said the opportunity to become more involved with stage work had begun through regular singing and writing, and investing time in school performances. “Through these, opportunities were opened
to me, and my dreams became reachable.”

Charlize said releasing her debut music video had been akin to reaching out and touching her dream. “I am a results-driven person and holding a new song in my hands was an indescribable feeling,” she said.

Other highlights for her have included working with Kobus Dippenaar (lead singer of ‘Die Kat se Snor’), performing on stage at a Cansa Relay Charity event, held at midnight, starring in Leeuwenhof’s professional school Revue and winning the ATKV National Public speaking finals.

Despite her success, she remains humble and down-to-earth: “I am a philosophical goal-driven and hardworking and like to read, write, cook , watch sunsets and fall in love with the idea of being in love.”

You can view her video at https://www.



Q: Describe yourself in three words…

A: “Passionate, determined and warm-hearted.”

Q: What do you believe makes a woman beautiful?

A: “The way in which she carries herself, elegance, loyalty and compassion.”

Q: Life motto…

A:“Dreams determine your destiny.”

Q: Success secret…

A: “Diligence and passion – and definitely the grace of God.”

Q:Role model …

A: “As a person I am inspired by hearts. A school teacher of mine Mrs Anushka Bannister has that heart.”

Q: Best interests…

A: “Maths and music. After school, I’m heading to the University of Stellenbosch to study B Com Actuarial Science.”