More clarity needed on land claim process

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Alberton is urging all affected and interested parties to register their names in an on line petition, ( in an attempt to give the public more clarity on the land claim issue.

This, after the DA Alberton councillors attended the Land Claims Meeting held at Emperors Palace on Thursday, 24 November 2016 and handed in a petition on behalf of more than 200 residents registering them as interested and affected parties.

We call on all the signatories to register themselves as interested and affected parties. The DA will see to it that this petition reaches the Land Claims Court by February as it should.

Cllr Haipel also handed in the petition to Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality asking that it intervene legally on behalf of the affected residents as well as the metro itself. The councillors will also be meeting with the Land Commission Court representative as well as the Metro’s Legal Department.

Among the questions that the DA received from the interested and affected parties includes:

How claims are settled?

1. The Commission buys land that it uses for compensation.
2. Thus far, commission has never bought any residential or housing estates.
3. The Constitutional Court has ruled that restitution can be made only if it is feasible or rational.
4. Peaceful solutions are sought after enquiries are made.
5. The whole process started in 1994/5. The first deadline was 1998.
6. In 2009 discussions started about another window for 5 years
7. On the 1st July 2014 new claims were invited.
8. The Constitutional Court set aside that ruling as being faulty.
9. Since then, they have stopped accepting any new claims.
10. They are bound by the law to deal with claims in the order received therefore they must first settle claims received before 1998.

Anyone who is an affected party will have to notify the land Claims Commission of any intention to, sell, lease, alienate, sub-divide, alter or improve the affected property.

Questions that needs to be resolved includes:

• How or when will individual owners be notified if they are affected?
• From when does the proviso begin?

The DA will make sure that the residents of Alberton are kept up to date with all relevant information regarding the process and the implications.

The online petition is still continuing on (