CPF warns community

Information received from a community group
Due to recent information given to us at our Sector Community Meeting held 08/11/2016, the following was bought our attention by SAPS Detective Unit.
Groups of young people are gathering in remote locations around Alberton and are re-enacting a game played in a movie called The Purge. (The trailer is available on You Tube).
It’s basically a game played where you are given 12 hours, where you can commit any crime you like, including major crimes such as murder with no questions asked.
Although no cases have been reported of major crimes yet, please keep an eye on your children and any children gatherings.
The stronger kids are pursuing the weaker children and once they have committed a crime against the weaker child, they have won the game.
SAPS are asking to please make sure that you know where your child / children are at all times, and who they are with. If they move from where they say they are going to be to please advise you.
Should you witness anything you believe to be even remotely close to this, please do not hesitate to contact our CPF Control Room on 076-105-0859 or the Alberton SAPS.