A decade of ‘dealing with the people you know’

A decade of ‘dealing with the people you know’

PROPERTY PEOPLE: The Allegiance Properties JHB South team

Glenvista-based property group Allegiance Properties celebrates a decade of service to the community of Southern Johannesburg this year.

Tame TIMES caught up with the directors of the Allegiance Properties JHB South office, Jorge Calisto and Julian Cornofsky, to find out more about their secret to success.

Q: You’ve been going strong for a decade and counting. What would you say is the driving force behind your success?

Jorge Calisto: The only reason we achieve the superb results that we do is because the community is fully behind us. Julian Cornofsky and I would like to thank the community for sharing our success over the past 10 years. And I should point out that our property agents have been instrumental in building and fostering the relationships with our loyal clients we now enjoy.

Q: How do you measure your successes?

Julian Cornofsky: We measure our success in terms of the figures and targets, building relationships with buyers and sellers, where we pride our office by not just closing deals but opening relationships with our clients

Q: What kind of market share does Allegiance Properties JHB South possess?

Julian Cornofsky: We’ve seen major growth in our market share over the past three years. We currently hold over R2-billion in property stock and recently received a prestigious award for being the top supporting agency for October, November and December 2016, from loan origination firm Ooba

Q: What does this award from Ooba mean to you?

Julian Cornofsky: This is a huge achievement for us. Ooba is one of the largest home loan origination companies in the country. It goes to show that our emphasis on making property deals painless, ethical and easy for our clients.

Q: On the topic of client service – confusion has arisen among clientele, prospective and existing. Is it true that you have opened a second office in the same area?

Jorge Calisto: It is true, but not entirely. What has actually happened is that the four original partners in the business, prompted by our tremendous growth, decided to grow into two separate offices. There was some confusion initially, when clients found their way to the wrong office accidentally – but we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused during the process.

Q: Please explain the new structure of Allegiance Properties’ presence in the area?

Jorge Calisto: Well the second office that has opened, operates in the same areas as the original. The two offices are now totally independently managed. The new office, is called the SOMA Branch.

Q: What about your property agents? Have they been reshuffled between the two offices?

Jorge Calisto: Most of the original agents opted to remain with us at the Allegiance Properties JHB South office. But I suggest that clients check whether the agent they are dealing with is at the office in question, before proceeding with business. Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We pride ourselves on making sure both the buyer and seller are completely satisfied.

Q: Give us some insight into the current property market.

Julian Cornofsky: Our insight… now that’s our competitive advantage. Let’s just say our team has a job to do for our clients.

If you’re a property professional and want to know what’s happening in the market and what our formula for success is, you should join us here at the Allegiance Properties JHB South office.

* Allegiance Properties JHB South is based in Glenvista, 101 Bellairs Drive cnr. Kirby Beller, known as Allegiance Corner.

Check out their website at www.allegianceproperties.org or call them today on 011 432 3390