Edenvale Police Homeless Drive a huge success

The Edenvale Police Social Crime Prevention Unit, recently joined a successful winter drive aimed at homeless people in the community, organised by Mrs Elize Filotto, an Edenvale resident.
It would seem the vision to reach out to the homeless was accomplished with Sergeant Jacob Mashile, Edenvale Police’s Social Crime Prevention Head, explaining one of the homeless men, well-known to the Edenvale community, expressed a desire to be reconciled with his family and return home after speaking to the police.
Serg Mashile explained the vision for the initiative was to get in touch with people in the streets and to reach out to them through the donation of blankets, soup and other items.
“We spoke to them about relocating to their families and told them they could always approach us for assistance in this,” he said.
“When you take time to actually listen to them and hear what they have to say, you realise they are good-hearted people,” he said.

SUPPORTING SOCIAL UPLIFTMENT: The Edenvale Police Social Crime Prevention recently supported Mrs Elize Filotto’s Homeless Drive.