Gotta Collect ’em All

Gotta Collect ’em All

Amidst tough economic times, consumers are rushing to their local stores to spend their hard-earned cash in order to get their hands on the latest gimmicky collectable freebies.

It appears as if the collector craze has set in across the country as three of South Africa’s top supermarket retailers, Checkers, Pick n Pay and Spar have launched campaigns which offer customers a freebie at the tills when they spend over R150.

Checkers has taken SA’s most beloved grocery brands and shrunk them into 29 little collectables with its infectious Little Shop Mini Collectables campaign.

Pick n Pay has introduced Super Animals – 108 wildlife cards to collect, play and swop – while Spar has launched its Angry Birds promotion where shoppers can collect 24 Angry Birds 3D lenticular cards and stickers.

Super Animals
Super Animals

But there’s more to collecting cute mini product replicas and tradable wildlife cards – for retailers, it’s about money, data and strategy, while for shoppers it’s about education – well mostly for the kids anyway.


The Checkers Little Shop Mini Collectables campaign teaches young people entrepreneurship and Pick n Pay’s Super Animals educates kids on nature and conservation.

R1 from every Super Animal Activity and Collector’s Album sold will be added to a fund that is distributed evenly to partner wildlife organisations including the SPCA, Endangered Wildlife Trust, SANParks and more.

Smartly, all three campaigns boast a digital presence with online games, apps and downloadable content.

The current debate is that these campaigns are unethical – luring shoppers to spend and manipulatively targeting children to get their parents to pull out their wallets. However, according to comments on social media, adults and little ones alike are enjoying the campaigns.

At the end of the shopping day, it’s an individual’s choice as to how and where they spend their money. For parents, it all comes down to how you discipline your children.