Happy Spring Day

Today is 1 September 2016 and it is Spring Day, hope everyone is enjoying the new season. The trees and flowers will start to bloom. The grass will be also changing its colour from brown to green. The children are welcoming the Spring Day by spraying each other with water. This is now a tradition in our townships but the children should also bear in mind that water is now a scarce resource and they must not waste it.

So, which means parents or guardians should keep an eye on their children not to allow them to collect buckets of water from their homes to the streets to celebrate Spring Day.

This week also marks the end of Women’s month celebration and hope that all the women across the country enjoyed special treatment and this will continue for 365 days a year. We also have interesting stories; Taxido Arts Production will be jetting to Madagascar and we also had a face to face interview with the founder Jerry Zwane.  He told us about his group and the journey that they have travelled.

On our front page we have article about police reservists who claims that they earn a living through taking bribes. This is sad for the country in that the police reservists that we trust with our safety are also doing corruption. This needs to end and we pose a question to SAPS to intervene.

We are also welcoming the heritage month which is September where we celebrate our traditions and origins.  For those who want us to cover their heritage events, please contact us or send an email on the contact details listed below.

Cheers enjoy.