Investing Hope In Crystal Park

Investing Hope In Crystal Park

MMC of Health and Social Development, Cllr Khosa Mabasa along with Executive Mayor, Cllr Mondi Gungubele and the Crystal Park community members are proud to introduce their Crystal Park Clinic which was launched on Friday, 29 July 2016.

“We are handing over the investment to the community of Crystal Park which has cost us R 21.7-million. We have 28300 people currently coming to the clinic and we are expecting much more people because the clinic is much more bigger and this is a state of art clinic that the ANC government has build in Ekurhuleni”, said Mabasa.

The clinic has alot more to offer and each facility that they got to offer is in excellence. The clinic is offering all the comprised health services and is accessible to everyone in the community.

“We as Ekurhuleni are building clinics of the future and we are going to ensure the ER systems that are by other state art of the clinics will also be offered here. We are saying very proudly that Government cares”, added Mabasa.

About the Crystal Park Clinic:

We are a government/public organisation. We are a primary health care facility providing HIV, AIDS and TB-related treatment. We have a community oriented primary health care programme that monitors and proactively works towards the improved health and well-being of families in our area. We are an accredited antiretroviral (ARV) treatment initiation and on-going treatment site. A social worker is available once a week to help people apply for identity documents, birth certificates and social grants. A physiotherapist and psychologist are in attendance once or twice a week to assist patients. We provide assessments and referrals for people with mental health issues. We refer patients to Far East Rand Hospital and Thabo Memorial Hospital for further treatment. We give food parcels, fortified porridge and soup to malnourished patients as well as to underweight TB, HIV and AIDS patients. We offer treatment for opportunistic infections and provide maternity services for pregnant women. Our service areas are Crystal Park, Mayfield, Pietit, Putfontein, Rynfield and Zenzele. We are open from 07:30 to 16:30, Monday to Friday. Our services are free of charge.