Joost meme sets social media on fire, prompts AfriForum complaint

Joost meme sets social media on fire, prompts AfriForum complaint

“Wit mense se p**s, ek vergewe fokkol” – Riaan Lucas

Joost van der Westhuizen’s corpse was barely cold when the first racist tweet set social media on fire.

Rights group AfriForum has confirmed that a complaint has been lodged with the SA Human Rights Commission against Riaan Lucas.. 

Van der Westhuizen lost his battle against motor neuron disease at the age of 45 on Monday 6 February.

Where most social media feeds were flooded with respectful tributes praising van der Westhuizen, Lucas posted a meme depicting Spiderman actor Tobey Maguire grinning with the caption: ‘’Me when I hear a white man has died’’.

From previous posts discovered and shared between users, it has become clear that Lucas’ most recent utterings are only the latest in a bout of animosity towards other races on for the better part of 11 months. He has since deactivated his Facebook account and couldn’t be reached for comment.

According to Willie van Wyk, chairman of AfriForum Alberton, every high-profile racist rant is another blow to our nation’s already fragile international image.

“Obviously we do not condone what this man has done, and feel that every time a case like this surfaces, it damages the image of South Africa as a whole,’’ he told tame TIMES, remarking that there seems to be a general misconception that whatever you say on social media is somehow acceptable and will remain without consequences.

‘’Despite the fact of whose death the man celebrated, he actually celebrated the death of the White race. How sad can one being be, to celebrate the death/extinction of a specific race?’’ van Wyk asked.

‘’We hope that the Human Right Commission will give this case the same attention previous cased received, like for example the Jenny Sparrow case.’’

AfriForum called upon the public before to report cases like these to

The incident has elicited an emotional response from residents of Alberton, some of whom shared their comments on our Facebook page.

UPDATE: Facebook Inc requested that tame TIMES remove its post in which we showed some of Lucas’ previous offensive tweets, as captured by political commentator Eusebius McKaiser before Lucas could delete his social media accounts.


This was due to language filters picking up the words ‘F*ck White ppl’ in one of the screenshots.6