Bokang Lemaoana, a local resident of Ramaphosa, stepped out and completed his second book called ‘Are you the Right mind, heart or Limbs for that Business’.

Lemaoana is from a small town in the Southern Freestate and grew up in a family where it was just himself with his mom and older sister. Bokang said that at a young age he believed to work hard and to make something of him- self. Our author published his first book, A JOURNEY TO NOWHERE, was published last year, October 2015. This was an easy to read and easy to understand anthology of poems that anyone can relate to. Whether you are depressed, in love or simply just having life in the palm of your hand, it is guaranteed to evoke memories from the past and visions from the future. In the light of this, be prepared to laugh, smile and cry.

“I was always a hard worker and became the top learner in my Matric year in 2007. I went to university in 2008 to do a LLB degree, but could not finish it due to financial diffuclty. I entered the working environment and started assessing my management skills in the retail industry and came up with a vision to write my own book whereby I share my management skills that I have applied”, said Lemaoana

The book is aimed at improving human relationships in business organizations, Are you the Right Mind, Heart or Limbs for that Business is meant to provide an open-minded approach to relationships, in their entirety. It is a reflective story that grants, to you, an understanding of how the world can be a vicarious environment in which many can learn through the mistakes committed by others – as projected through the lens of the business world. It contains valuable tools to bettering yourself and in turn, your surroundings. Are you the Right Mind, Heart or Limbs for that Business is an insightful guide to polishing and getting in tune with the leader inside of you while also inducing a healthy working environment for those you lead and serve. “The journey was not easy writing the book because in the middle of the book I wanted to give up but I just decided to not. I am so thankful for the support of mother and sister because they kept me going”, added Lemaoana.

The book launch will be taking place at Mike’s Kitchen on the 29th of July from 19:00-21:00. RSVP can be made by calling Bokang Lemaoana on his cell: 082 2200 381 or by emailing him on bokangpl@mtnloaded.co.za