Life According to Heather

Life According to Heather

You’ve heard stories of men and women who have been conned when they have ‘won’ competitions, who according to instructions from an unknown competition co-ordinator have sent through a deposit to guarantee their win only to realise later they had been conned and their money taken.

I recently heard such a story on the evening news. The woman, let’s call her Mrs X, received an email congratulating her on a win. In the foggy euphoria that winning brings, she unquestioningly obeyed the person’s instructions to transfer R50 000 to guarantee her million rand win.

Sadly Mrs X was conned. The policeman on the news gave some invaluable advice to the community following the incident, “The golden rule is, if you didn’t enter, you didn’t win.”

You might have also received an SMS in the early hours of the morning with a congratulatory message and an instruction something along the lines of, “Contact John Smith to get more details”. Maybe you even called John Smith, believing you had won.

National radio prankster Whackhead Simpson once had a field day with the person behind one of these fraudulent competition messages. He called the number the message suggested he call, sounding so excited, I don’t think John Smith on the other side of the phone knew what to do with him. He even got his team at the radio station to cheer with him on the other side. “I’m sorry,” he apologised to the clearly bewildered man: “I’m just so excited. I’ve never won anything before. And I didn’t even enter!”

The Word of God says to cast your bread upon the waters – in many days it will return to you. “Ship your grain across the sea; after many days you may receive a return.” (Ecc 11:1)

With this said, last week I went to hand over the prize of a MAQ hamper to the winner of our MAQ/tame TIMES competition, Justine Burgess. Justine was elated and told me that she had won many things through different competitions. Her secret: “You need to put out a fishing line to catch a fish”.

You might be waiting for your catch to come in, but have you cast your fishing line?