Local matric learner speaks out on her final year

Local matric learner speaks out on her final year

The end of her High School year will remind Claudia Ströh, the matric learner, of all the friends she made during her time at Helpmekaar Kollege, especially those made on through playing hockey at the school.

Claudia, the Meyersdal resident is looking forward to the end of year matric vacation and the farewell.

She says, “While I am looking forward to the vacation, it would be still some time before receiving my matric results, either way, I am looking forward to the end of the year.”

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While she is looking forward to the end of the year, she is determined to take on the work that lies ahead before the end of the year.

Away from the academics, Claudia plays hockey and chess at school. Even more enjoyable for her is taking part in debates, and her most memorable speech is when she spoke about the 5 most famous speeches.

Her favourite subject at school is economics, and she says the reason she loves economics is because the subject is not necessarily black and white scenario.

Speaking on the South African economy, Claudia says, “I believe that the economy under Cyril Ramaphosa will improve. One of the reasons I say this is because he knows business.”

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While she has a desire to study overseas, she is passionate about South Africans staying to help the economy in any way they can.

She says, “Many times, people always look for opportunities outside South Africa, I believe it is better to stay and all do our best to help grow the country’s economy.”

With this being her final year of school, Claudia will also have a strong support from her family in making sure that she remains focused on a positive end of the year matric results.

Her parents are looking forward to implementing every suggestion made by the school in order to help her perform at her maximum best.

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