Monica’s Musings

There’s this one month every year that I dread a little. Not because of Valentine’s Day or some horrible memory, but simply because I’m not sure how to properly pronounce ‘’February’’. Not only that, I can’t even go for the Afrikaans option, because the word contains so many R’s, which of course, someone with a ‘’brei’’ finds exceptionally annoying.

However, this has never stopped me from talking. Ever. Things like these have a way of forcing you to become creative. Whether it’s figuring out a way to avoid using a certain word in speech, or creating a sharp come-back for when someone (yes, you do come across people like this) makes fun of you.

Everyone has that one little thing that freaks them out, without anybody ever noticing. Even those people who oozes confidence deal with some insecurities, they’re just better at hiding them. I read something interesting by Therese Borchard about dealing with insecurities. She suggests you read your ‘’self-esteem file’’.

She describes it as a warm-fuzzy folder, a collection of anything anyone has ever said, written or indicated that can be categorised as positive. ‘’Someone says something shallow like, “I like your shoes.” Sure, put it in there, with a note “I have good taste in shoes.” Another person mutters, “Dude, thanks for listening.” That goes in there as well: “I am a good listener.”

I’m going to try it this Feb (this is how I say it so I don’t have to pronounce the whole thing). I hope that some readers out there will join me – let me know at