Monica’s Musings – a Note from the Editor

Over the weekend, one of the memories on Facebook that popped up,12308528_1680997992146675_852613994024959067_n was a previous note that I’ve written. Last year, round about this time, I ran out of petrol and I had a great amount of assistance in getting back on the road. The picture was of myself and Casey, with Stephen and Garin in the background pouring some petrol into the tank.

It made me think back of the great times I’ve had with the production team so far. However, I can’t even begin to attempt documenting every detail of the things we share upstairs. Every now and then I do, which is when notes such as the five stages of grief (when we had no internet connection for a week) makes its way into the paper.

Sometimes we get so busy complaining about everything that’s wrong, that we forget to sit back and enjoy the fun parts. We are in the final stretch of 2016 – let’s enjoy it and share our stories!