A Party Fit For Princesses Of Jackson’s Drift

A Party Fit For Princesses Of Jackson’s Drift

The Rebecca Pillay Foundation, in collaboration with the Chayil Foundation, Dignity Dreams and Misty River Country Venue and Guesthouse, held a princess-themed party for 110 young girls from the Jackson’s Drift informal settlement in Eikenhof on Saturday 09 July.


The girls were spoilt with goodies bags, clothing, food parcels, nail-painting, jewellery-making, a tasty lunch and so much more.


“It was an amazing day. Jeanice Pillay of the Rebecca Pillay Foundation went the extra mile in making a huge difference in the lives of these girls,” says Rene Parker of the Chayil Foundation.


“Not only did Jeanice and her team treat every young girl like an absolute princess, they also showered them with love and knowledge from the most spectacular motivational speakers, one been Jeanice herself, Maselotsha Mphahele from Dignity Dreams and Felicia from the Chayil Foundation,” says Parker.


Parker adds, “It was truly heart warming to see these girls taken from the camp to Misty River run by Elzeth who so kindly donated the hall for a day of splendour. As one of the young girls whispered in my ear: “This day will stay in my heart forever and ever. Thank you, we appreciate it”.”