A taste of the good life

A taste of the good life

Nikki Savides, Bedford Centre marketing manager, and her team, came up with the idea for the centre’s current Life At The Top competition.

This is a R13-million penthouse giveaway – a giveaway so revolutionary, it has captured the attention and imagination of the local community, as well as radio stations and media professionals who told Nikki they had seen all kinds of things given away, but never something as big as a penthouse.

Nikki told tame TIMES: “We wanted to give something away that was ‘wow’” We have given away a million rand, trips overseas, apartments – and wanted something bigger to better those previous competitions, so thought, ‘Why not give away a R13 million Penthouse?’”

‘Wow’ is exactly what we experienced on the tour of the penthouse which we undertook together with the five lucky shoppers who entered the competition and whose names were recently drawn as semi-finalists for the penthouse win.

Few people have travelled up the lifts to the luxury apartment section of the Bedford Square. Leaving the lift, one immediately noticed passageways to your right and left, and beyond open doors, landscaped garden areas interlinked by flights of marbled stairs. These central community areas of the apartment section of Bedford Square have greenery and benches and are more spacious than one would expect (for community areas on top of a shopping centre).

We walked along with Nikki and she paused before the lucky apartment, opening the door to reveal a flight of steps, which lead up to the living area.

Nearing the top of the steps, you could already see the view of Bedfordview in the distance. There was Observatory mountain and a panoramic view of the surrounding Johannesburg. This included a typical South African ‘snapshot’ of the Joburg CBD skyline – devastatingly beautiful.

Dreaming big

It was interesting to see the stars light up in the eyes of the contenders as they stepped foot in the luxury apartment. Evident in their eyes, each one held a dream that the penthouse would become their own. In fact, as Nikki explained, shoppers cannot believe that the centre is actually giving away a full penthouse. “They think it will just be for a month or a year – they are not convinced that it will actually be theirs!”

Nikki confided it wasn’t just shoppers and newspapers who had approached them to hear more. “Even bloggers are approaching us. They want to be able to work with us in some form or another. We have captured imaginations and definitely everyone’s attention.”

Nikki said her favourite features of the penthouse were the deck, pool and entertainment area.

Visiting the penthouse it wasn’t hard to see why. The pool meanders through an open deck area in the centre of the apartment and rooms are tastefully arranged around this area for relaxation and entertainment.

The deck positioned to soak up the sun – and soak in the view, which sits glorious around the establishment.

This is definitely Bedfordview – and life – from a different vantage point.

Adding to the pizzazz of the moment, winners were treated to a glass of champagne while they had the chance to tour the penthouse, which could soon be there’s depending on the outcome of August’s final draw.

Luxury living

A mother held her son’s hand as they walked down an immaculately kept passageway lined with state-of-the-art cupboards and storage facilities. The passage led to a bathroom, with a luxury bath looking out over the city. Forget ‘room with a view’ – this was a ‘bath with a view’.

The boy and his mom were like kids at Christmas time, opening the cupboards to inspect the different finishes and pointing everyone’s attention to the bathtub.

In addition to two spacious rooms, there was a dining area, a lounge, a kitchen space, a bathroom, the passageway with ample storage for just about anything, the deck, a balcony, and, and, and…

I liked the big stone working table in the centre of the kitchen which was not only tasteful and well-designed but transformed the kitchen into something of a Jamie Oliver dream kitchen space.

Nikki agreed with tame TIMES that there is a certain glamour and mystique around a penthouse.

“I believe this is because a penthouse is something aspirational. Not everyone can live in one.”

Having seen a view from the top, the guests each left the penthouse with a dream in their heart and a burning fire inside that anything is possible.

Each month, leading up to August, five names are drawn from a competition box. In August, the winner will be selected from among the 55 finalists. To enter requires spending R750 at a single store at the centre and then attaching your payslip to the competition entry form.

The most recent draw was on Saturday morning. Visit www.bedfordcentre.com for future draw and competition details.