Elia gives a taste of Greece on your stoep

Elia gives a taste of Greece on your stoep

The latest and hottest new restaurant nestled beautifully among the other great offerings at the Mall at Newmarket will have the locals appreciate a fresh taste of Mediterranean cuisine not far from their door step.

After graduating as a chef, Angela Kazakou, chef and owner of Elia Mediterranean Cuisine restaurant, situated at the Mall at Newmarket now has the joy of sharing the food she loves with the locals.

Speaking about opening her own restaurant, Angela says, “Having my own restaurant is not something I can explain in words; it is nothing short of amazing. It is amazing to walk to tables and know that people are eating your food.

“It is also satisfying to go to a table and hear the great feedback people give after eating the food I have prepared for them.”

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The concept of Elia is inspired by Angela’s upbringing. She remembers growing up and her mother would share the story of the Ark of Noah with them. She remembers the last part of the story where the pigeon would be sent out by Noah.

She says, “The pigeon returned with an olive branch, which signifies life. I have always learned that as long as you have olives and bread, you will never starve.”

As long as you have olives and bread, you will never starve

With a comprehensive menu, Elia becomes one of a kind restaurant with a wide range of offering. Boasting with a comprehensive vegetarian menu, the restaurant is a game changer among other local cuisine offerings.

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Although 60 percent of the menu is Greek inspired, Elia offers a perfect fusion of Portugese, Spanish, Italian and Greek cuisine. While there are other aspects of Mediterranean cuisine out there, Angela says she has opted for combination of the four countries.

From starters, mains and through to desserts; there is no doubt Elia is regarded as the perfect place to enjoy a meal. Topped with an ambiance which is created by the staff who genuinely love working with what the restaurant has to offer, it is no surprise many keep visiting Elia for more European experience on the Alberton ‘stoep’.

One of the regulars at the restaurant described Elia as the perfect place to visit when in the mood of your mother’s home cooking.

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