The Pinboard

The Pinboard

Last week I was faced with a dilemma – I had to choose between two of my greatest loves: outer space and Michael Jackson.

On Wednesday 01 June, I was invited to the exclusive media launch of the space exploration exhibition Gateway to Space: The Exhibition as well as the opening night performance of Europe’s number 1 Michael Jackson tribute show Forever Jackson.

And so I had to make the big decision of selecting which event to attend – a task I found most difficult. I took a big leap (see what I did there?) and went with Gateway to Space. Of course, I couldn’t miss out on the King of Pop and arranged tickets to see the show this past Saturday.

Added to this, I got the unique opportunity to interview Robin Parsons, the live lead vocal of Forever Jackson who replicates MJ down to a tee.

So everything came together in the end, feeling extremely happy! Look out for the special reviews on these exciting shows in the tame TIMES.