The truth will come out

The truth will come out

Bedfordview police have warned the public not to give false reports on crime.

Warrant Officer Mduduzi Nhlabathi, Bedfordview police spokesperson, said persons found reporting false cases would be charged with perjury.

“We have had many people reporting false cases of theft out of motor vehicles to us, saying they were, for instance, parked in the parking areas of one of Bedfordview’s shopping centres, and were the victims of car jamming. However, when we have investigated, we have found it not possible to jam their car’s locking device,” he said.

He said perjury constituted any false reporting to the police. “There have also been incidents in which people have ‘moved’ the crime scene to fit in with the parameters of their insurance pay-out policy,” he said. “For example, their car might be broken into by their home and they will change the crime scene to another venue for insurance purposes.”

Warrant Officer Nhlabathi said perpetrators would be dealt with accordingly and police were vigilant in investigating each case to establish the truth.