Thokoza Sai Medical Centre cares for your health

 Thokoza Sai Medical Centre cares for your health

Taking care of your healthy is very important even if some people take it for granted as it increases a person’s quality of life. Because it is crucial that people invest in their health, is offering a one stop convenient medical centre.

Thokoza Sai Medical Centre was officially opened last year April and renders the following services; general medical health treatment, dentist, optometry, soul therapist and energy balancing.

The medical centre is spearheaded by a veteran doctor well known for his love for the community, a General Medical Practitioner, Doctor Kantilal Manilal Kana who has been servicing the Thokoza Township since 1981.

“It is a dream come true, l always wanted to open a medical centre as a way of giving back to the community that has supported me,” said Dr Kana.

He added, “We provide comprehensive services with different health specialists. We have a laboratory, emergency rooms, wellness clinic, vaccination clinic, X-rays, ultra sonar services and we conduct minor surgical procedures, and it’s all inclusive in one centre. Our prizes are affordable and competitive,” he said.

Doctor Bheki Yende, energy balancing and soul therapist said, “We assist people to deal with their inner soul targeting those who are bereaving and emotionally hurt or depressed. We help people to deal with their emotional stress as it leads to high physical illness. We also do energy balancing,” said Doctor Yende.

Doctor Mohamed Mansour, a dentist, said they do basic and specialised dental minor surgical procedures. “We do normal teeth cleaning and restorations. We advise people to do dental checkups and clean their teeth at least twice a year with the aim to provide and treat dental problems more effectively.”

Doctor Cassim Mohamed, an optometrist said, “We take care of the complete health of the eyes. We encourage people to test their eyes once a year to make sure that their eyes remain healthy and it helps to detect if there are any early problems which may be starting.”

He added that most causes  of blindness can be avoidable if detected early, “ People should do themselves a favour and take  care of their eyes as they are precious,” concluded Dr Mohamed.

Thokoza Sai Medical Centre is situated on the corner of Mjivane and Nkaki streets in Thokoza, popularly known as the Umkhathizwe grounds.

Thokoza Sai Medical Centre opens from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday and 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Sundays.