Absenteeism is a big challenge in any workplace as it hinders production and the rendering of services. However top management of Thokoza SAPS make it their mission to ensure that they manage absenteeism as a result Thokoza police station was rated among top 10 police stations in Gauteng with regard to management of absenteeism.

Colonel Sevha Reckson Shiburi, station commander of Thokoza police station said they are excited and humble by the news that his station is rated top 10 in managing absenteeism.

He said they started by sensitising their members to understand what is absenteeism and how it impacts service delivery. “We had a challenge of our members booking off sick. We discovered that those who are booking off sick had personal problems and in need of emotional support. We engaged with those members through our internal health wellness programme,” said Shiburi.

He added, “Our social worker will also visit those members at home and hospital to give them support. We motivated the members and held team building initiatives.  All our members are now eager to come to work and services are delivered to the community.”

Shiburi said their members are visible on the streets, they have managed to reduce complainant regarding crime response time and service delivery has improved.

“It’s for the first time Thokoza SAPS receiving an acknowledgement regarding management of absenteeism from the head office  and this motivates the members to continue coming to work. We will ensure that we maintain the standards,” said Shiburi.

In conclusion he said, “We are committing ourselves to give high level of police visibility to ensure that people are protected all the times. We are shutting down illegal shebeens and arresting all the perpetrators of crime. We also encourage the community to report crime.”