As we celebrated the Human Rights month last month, “freedom of belief is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community.” A traditional healers graduating ceremony held in Palm Ridge Extension 3 on Saturday 25 March 2017 cleared the misconception that people had about being a traditional healer (Sangoma).

Senior traditional healer and also a member of Traditional Healers Organisation (THO) Gogo Saraphina Maseko explained the process and also the challenges that the traditional healers faces in the community. “Today the graduates are in their last steps of becoming traditional healers. They also danced for the visitors and their instructor thanking them for their successful journey. We also educating the western people on how we train to become traditional healers,” she added.

A very passionate and proud traditional instructor, Gogo Sgodo Mbatha clarified that being a traditional healer is not by choice but it’s a calling from the ancestors. “All my students searched for me after they have been directed to me in their dreams by their ancestors,” she said.

“As a traditional instructor I do not only teach them how to use traditional medicines, I also teach them how to behave in their communities,” added Mbatha.

Thabiso Manoto a friend and also a helper for Gogo Mbatha said, “The graduates are more disciplined, friendly and focused on their job; hence most of them turn out to be successful traditional healers in the community.”