Wellness Wednesdays

Wellness Wednesdays

Wellness Wednesdays – ‘Pay what you can’ Wednesdays at Centesimal Welllness Homeopathic Practice @ 99 Michelle Avenue Randhart.

Wellness Wednesdays is an initiative I got from a very dear lecturer at UJ – It provides an opportunity for members of the community that needs medical care but cannot afford it to seek advice on an ailment and they only pay what they can afford which often enough is between R100-R200. I have noticed that the community actually doesn’t know that Registered Homeopaths are recognized Primary Health Care Practitioners in South Africa and I claim directly from medical aids (You can check at www.hsa.org.za to see if a homeopath is registered)

A big part of a Homeopath’s scope of practice is observation while spending a great deal of time on consultation while the medicines are complementary and very gentle in nature which cannot interfere with conventional prescribed medicines and affords help in many stages of disease.

My Wellness patients have continually said that they didn’t know that homeopathy could have such a positive impact in their lives and general wellbeing.

I absolutely love Wellness Wednesdays, as every patient is a new opportunity to learn more about the wonderful range of homeopathic medicines available. I’ve seen young mother’s tired and exhausted and find almost instant relief, my elderly patients that regained interest in their old hobbies again like gardening from newly found vitality. I have helped single mothers cope with the high demand of time and attention to their children and then the “HOT” ladies with the change of life struggles we know
so well. I even see the amazing change in my kids that struggles with the volume of school work and addressing their behavioral problem with a gentle remedy or helping a couple fall pregnant.

I love being a Homeopath and Wellness Wednesdays makes it even better. The money collected on Wellness days are saved and at the end of the year gets donated or spent on charities for kids and the elderly. I gave some to a single mother who couldn’t afford groceries for her children, she was so grateful and I was grateful that I had an opportunity to help her.

I am celebrating my first year in practice in June 2016 and want to thank every patient of mine that helped me grow and see the marvel of Homeopathy. It is growing day by day I cannot thank you enough!

Many thanks Homeopath – Dr Bianca D Goncalves M.Tech Hom (UJ)