Our culture which is guided by the spirit of ubuntu is hanging by a thread considering the social ills that are happening in our society. What happened to humanity?

The elders do not have respect for the young ones and vice versa. In a recent incident that left the tongue wagging and the community awe stuck, a 13 year-old teen went missing in Katlehong from Friday, 7 April and was found on Thursday 13 April in the house of a 30 year-old man. The teen was kidnapped and raped by the suspect.

A man who is supposed to be a brother or a guardian to the little girl is abusing her. What happened to the morals and respect for women and children? Again children should stay away from strangers and not to trust someone that they meet for the first time on the streets. They should not be lured by older man because of money or material things.

The society has to come together in teaching people morals; it is a responsibility of every parent to teach their children about the dangers of the social ills that they are exposed to so that they won’t be victims of rape, kidnapping and abuse. The society must fight the issue of blessers as it is now a trend especially among the teenagers and youth.

The blessers influence bad behaviour among girls as they bless them with all the goodies ending up destroying their future. Let’s all go back to our roots and learn how our great parents lived and spread the spirit of humanity.