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North West lion found and killed

North West lion found and killed

The lioness that has caused the residents of North West to live in fear after it escaped, has been found and killed.

According to Jerry Matebesi, the spokesperson for the Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism, the lioness was discovered by a farmer in the Piet Plessis area within the Dr Ruth Mompati District. Due to the fact that the lioness was roaming around within a residential area, the farm owner took a decision to shoot the lioness. He concluded that the department is grateful that no one was harmed during the time the lioness was missing.

The lioness went missing in the area of Stella and Tlhakgameng. At the time of the search, Matebesi explained that the owner of the lioness was transporting two lions from one game reserve to another. It’s understood that the lioness escaped during the transportation. “The owner only discovered when he was checking on the lions at around Setlagole,” he added. A helicopter was also made available in an attempt to capture the escaped lioness.

A police spokesperson in the province Aafje Botma, has warned the community of the lioness. In a media statement, she explained that the lioness escaped from her container whilst in transit on the back of a bakkie on Beesdam Road between Stella and Tlhakgameng on Wednesday 22 February 2023, at 08:00. “Nature Conservation and farmers are on the lookout for the animal,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, Riaan Roux from the province has been searching for eight hippos that went missing on a game reserve in the province. He said the hippos went missing after the flooding of the Vaal River on Monday, 20 February 2023. He is of the view that it will be hard to locate these wild animals as they spend most of their time underwater or with only their eyes, ears and nostrils above the water and are barely visible.




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