About tame Times

The tame Group, under the 13 tame TIMES titles, prints 197 000 papers weekly and 61 000 bi-monthly therefore 894 000 in total giving us a monthly readership of at least 5 000 000.  We cover the whole of Ekurhuleni, Limpopo, Rustenburg, Brits and Hammanskraal.

tame TIMES differentiates the titles by LSM groups, and not by suburbs due to the huge difference in shopping and spending habits between the different LSM groupings.

Local government is important and hence we strive to assist in raising the standard of service delivery by giving constructive editorial.  We also participate in local government departments activities.  tame TIMES titles carry advertising for large retail stores, cellphone companies, financial and educational institutions as well as SME advertising and classifieds.

We strive to make every community we serve better by providing building block towards a better South Africa.