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All Preschools to complete the following survey

All Preschools to complete the following survey

Vangasali Campaign Calls for National ECD Survey


“We at EDUX SA understand that ECD centres are eager to reopen and we support the reopening of our sector using a risk adjusted strategy.


Unfortunately, our centres and all partial care facilities will remain closed until the final risk analogy and standard operating procedures have been finalised and approved by Government. This includes all Preschools, even those within the Independent Schooling Sector. Children 0 to 6 may not return to any place of care yet.

We know that is not what you wanted to hear but, there is light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

Today we were able to interact with DSD’s Chief Directorate for Early Childhood Development, she presented a framework for reintegration and 8 Workstreams were identified. EDUX SA will be involved in steering a task team to prepare for reintegration and we are grateful for the opportunity to get our Sector up and running again.


The Minister of Social Development will be addressing the Nation this week and she will be launching the Vangasali Campaign. This campaign is supported and funded by the Nelson Mandela Trust.

The objective of this campaign will be to find and identify all Partial Care facilities operational in all of the Provinces in SA. All ECD networks have been requested to assist by participating in a National ECD Survey so that DSD can use the information gathered to ensure your facilities are ready and can reopen.

If we want to speed up the process all centres, day mothers, caregivers etc. need to supply information in order to get “mapped”.


The longer the centres and caregivers take the longer it is going to be before ECD sector will reopen, therefore EDUX SA is calling on ALL of you to share this link and complete the survey to speed up the process of reintegration.


Registered or unregistered, no ECD facilities will get into any trouble, you need to be mapped or you will not be allowed to reopen because the necessary monitoring cannot take place.”


To take part in the survey, visit: https://eduxsa.org/national-ecd-survey/


Charmaine Botha


Source: eduxsa.org

Photo Credit: eduxsa.org




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