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Another Load Shedding Weekend As More Units Breaks Down

Another Load Shedding Weekend As More Units Breaks Down

Eskom will implement stage 2 load-shedding between 16:00 and midnight on Saturday and Sunday, the power utility announced in a statement on Friday afternoon.

Eskom said its generating capacity constraints were exacerbated by the delay in returning generating units to service and several additional breakdowns, putting further strain on the grid.

The return to service of generating units at Koeberg, Kusile, and Tutuka power stations and the unplanned breakdowns of a generation unit each at Camden and Medupi, two at Hendrina, and four at Arnot power stations had made it necessary to continue with evening peak load-shedding.

Eskom said some units were expected to return to service “over the next few days”. At the time of its announcement, Eskom had 15,624MW of capacity unavailable due to breakdowns and 3,571MW on planned maintenance.

Eskom said load-shedding over the weekend would also assist in recovering its emergency generation reserves, which had been utilised extensively to meet demand over the past few days.

The state-owned power utility has told MyBroadband it plans to start synchronising Koeberg nuclear power station’s unit 2 to the grid on Friday evening, 5 August 2022.

Koeberg unit 2 has a generating capacity of 920MW — nearly enough to cover a full stage of load-shedding.

However, Eskom said it would take ten days for the unit to be fully synchronised to the grid.




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