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Elderly Gauteng Woman Severely Mauled By Dog While Owner Too Scared To Help

Elderly Gauteng Woman Severely Mauled By Dog While Owner Too Scared To Help

62-year-old Jaybee Cloete from Heidelberg, Gauteng, was severely mauled when a tenant’s dog attacked her last week. According to Cloete’s daughter, Gretha Prinsloo, the dog is a Staffordshire Terrier – Boerboel mix breed dog. Prinsloo said her mother fought for her life during the attack.


Elderly mother SEVERLY mauled in one of the worst dog attacks in SA
Jaybee Cloete (62)

“On Tuesday morning, 28 June 2022, one of the tenants phoned my mother and asked her to come and look as the electricity went off. Shortly after that, she went to the communal yard of the tenants to check the electricity box. When my mother looked up, the dog was standing there, looking at her before attacking her.”

Gretha said while the dog was attacking her mother, she yelled for the tenant, the owner of the dog, to come and help her.

“She shouted for the tenant to help her, to do something, grab the legs of the dog and pull it away from her, but the tenant said she couldn’t as she was too scared to touch the dog.”

Gretha said her mother fought vigorously for her life in the attack as the dog kept trying to go for her neck.

“Every single nail of my mother was broken as she fought back.”

A worker heard Cloete screaming and came running to help a badly injured Jaybee. He used a broom to try and get the dog away from her, but the dog turned on him and attacked. He was also badly bitten in the face.

“My mother tried to stand up, but she couldn’t stand up due to the severe injuries she sustained. She managed to get home. She immediately phoned my brother and father, who rushed to assist her. While waiting for help, she took off her clothes and sat in the bath to see what the extent of her injuries was.”

Her legs and right upper arm were severely damaged, including severing multiple nerves, muscles, and ligaments, leaving her with gaping holes and missing big chunks of flesh. Gretha said her mother was rushed to a nearby hospital where she has had two surgeries to attempt to reconnect as many muscles and ligaments as possible.

“Many more surgeries and skin grafts may be required as she still has a limp left foot and various open wounds. Medical expenses exceed our financial capabilities, and she still has a long road to recovery as it holds many uncertainties.”

The family has created a back a buddy account. Jaybee is a pensioner without medical aid.

“She is our everything and the family’s rock, and now she needs our help to be her rock through these trying times.

“Any contribution to alleviating the financial pressure on the current hospital bills and the recovery process will be sincerely appreciated, as this will make a world of difference for her to regain a reasonable quality of life after the horrific attack that left our precious mother mutilated and traumatized.”

The owner of the dog referred all media inquiries to his lawyer but could not yet provide contact details for the lawyer. Prinsloo said that a case has been opened against the owner. He was also unable to confirm whether the dog had been euthanised or not. The owner could also not confirm if he was going to pay for the medical expenses.





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