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Get the best this Black Friday

Get the best this Black Friday

Black Friday will be a lot different this year.  The fact remains that Covid-19 will have a huge impact on the biggest shopping day of the year.  Not only for the retailers but also for the consumers.

Maybe this year, everyone will be on the lookout for a huge bargain or something to spoil themselves with.  Both are justifiable but before you reach for your wallet, it might be worthwhile to take a minute and think before you buy.  After all that happened this year, it might be reckless to splash out on all the deals before the year is ending.

Here are a few tips that might help:

Protect your credit rating

Make sure you can still cover all your existing debt before you make more credit purchases.

2020 is not done yet

Remember that there are still 2 months of bills to be paid after Black Friday.  December and January is known to be the longest months ever.

Online is an option

Online shopping became very popular this year.  Do your homework and compare the prices before you grab your mask and leave your home. It is also important to draw attention to the best cyber security practices to be implemented in these days of shopping opportunities.

  • Use secure networks.
  • Use complex and different passwords
  • Browse credible URLs
  • Avoid help – If you have provided your telephone contact at some point during registration and someone calls to “help” you with a problem, do not give them any confidential information or allow them to access your computer or bank account.
  • Keep all documentation

Lock it in

If you don’t trust yourself, protect yourself from impulse buying by setting a Black Friday budget.  Put the rest of your money towards your existing debts.

To sum it all up, remember:  you should apply common sense and always suspect that an offer which “seems too good to be true” is because… most of the time it is!




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