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Gillooly’s Renamed To George Bizos Interchange?

Gillooly’s Renamed To George Bizos Interchange?

A proposal to rename one of South Africa’s busiest interchanges after world-renowned human rights lawyer and anti-apartheid activist Advocate George Bizos is gaining traction.

The City of Ekurhuleni first announced plans to rename Gillooly’s Interchange, the busiest in South Africa and, it’s believed, the entire Southern Hemisphere in 2019. It’s a lengthy process to rename an interchange but the chairperson of the Gauteng Geographical Names Committee, Sheena Satikge, said it could now be concluded before the end of the year.

Satikge said the proposal to rename Gillooly’s Interchange after Geroge Bizos was motivated by the important role the late advocate played in the fight for democracy in South Africa.

“That is just to honour and [to] commemorate someone who stood up against apartheid and stood up for what is right. So it’s really the crux of honoring him with this interchange.”

The process of naming and renaming geographical features is a legislatively mandated one and Satikge said they had to take their time with it and follow due process.

“This is something based on law and policies and we have to adhere to us being a democratic country that can’t be making announcements on naming and renaming places without really ensuring the community is heard”.

The information provided by the City of Ekurhuleni in its application has now been verified and the next step will focus on the public consultation process.

Satikge said a final decision could be announced as early as the end of the year depending on when the public consultation process gets underway.

“We do sit quarterly as a committee and we hope that by our next sitting we would then be able to process that name so this is presented at the national geographical names council for recommendation and eventual approval by our minister, so it would then also depend on when the South African Geographical Names Council meets.”




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