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Man Dies After Crashing Into Benoni Lake

Man Dies After Crashing Into Benoni Lake

A man was killed in a car crash in Benoni, Gauteng, on Thursday morning, 14 July, when his vehicle crashed through the roadside barriers along the N12 highway after the Tom Jones offramp in Benoni.

According to an ER24 spokesperson, the man’s vehicle landed in the nearby Benoni lake after breaking through the barrier.

ER24 personel and other first responders arrived at the scene at approximately 6:08. By that time, the vehicle was “some distance in the lake.”

Medics managed to pull the car onto the nearby banks with a recovery vehicle. “On closer inspection, medics found a man’s body lying in the vehicle,” said ER24.

The man showed no signs of life and he was declared dead at the scene.

The exact details of the accident remain unclear. However, the local authorities took over the scene for further investigations.




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