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New changes at SA Post Office will make it easier to get your car licence

New changes at SA Post Office will make it easier to get your car licence

The South African Post Office said it is changing its queuing and online systems, which will make it easier for motorists to get their vehicle licences.


One of the changes is the introduction of separate queues for its regular customers, doing their everyday transactions – including money transfers, bill payments, and other postal services.

The SA Post Office said it has also started development on a mobile application to renew motor vehicle licences. This app enables the customer to complete the whole process in the comfort of their own homes or offices, it said.

The entire renewal process, including payment, will be done on the app, leaving only the last step of accessing the actual disc. This will be done in one of two ways:

The customer can either choose to collect from an SA Post Office outlet nearby;

The South African Post Office can deliver the disc to the customer – at an affordable delivery fee.

“We are serious about serving our customers’ needs – we have introduced a culture of being obsessed with the customer,” says Nomkhita Mona, Group CEO of the SA Post Office.

Mona said this service- will be available by the end of October this year. The Post Office will continue to offer in-store renewal at selected Post Office branches.

An additional service offered by the SA Post Office is the bulk motor vehicle licence renewal for fleet and for employees of companies – no matter how big or small.

This service entails the collection of all necessary documentation from company premises, taking them back to the Post Office for processing, printing and delivery back to their offices.

The Post Office said it has already signed up a number of corporates and is in the process of offering this bespoke service to more companies and other customers.

“More than 3 million owners of motor vehicles chose the SA Post Office to renew their vehicle licences in the past year. This is amongst an array of other services offered by the SA Post Office. As the new SA Post Office is obsessed with the customer, effective and efficient ways to serve customer needs are continuously being introduced.”

Mona believes that the organization has a crucial role to play in the lives of South Africans.

“Huge winds of change are blowing within the SA Post Office, even in the face of massive financial challenges, there are equally massive opportunities for us to effect meaningful change – and deliver an institution that all South Africans can once again, be proud of.”

Click here to see the list of branches to renew vehicle licenses.

The service is offered in all provinces except the Western Cape.




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