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New tariff hikes on water and electricity in Johannesburg

New tariff hikes on water and electricity in Johannesburg

Residents in the City of Johannesburg and City of Tshwane Municipalities will have to dig deeper into their pockets when paying for water and electricity as tariffs have increased at the beginning of July.

South Africans are already grappling with high petrol prices, increase in prices of basic food as well as the high cost of living.


The following tariff increases have been applied from 1 July 2022:

  • Property rates have increased by 4.85%;
  • Electricity has increased by 7.47%, which is a significant reduction of the increase in the previous financial year of 14.59%.
  • Water has increased by 9.75%. This increase is also a pass through cost from Rand Water.
  • Sanitation charges have increased by 9.75%; and
  • Refuse charges have increased by 5%.

As previously reported, City of Johannesburg MMC for Finance, Julie Suddaby said  for the City Power turnaround strategy the municipality will utilise both capital and operational budget – capital expenditure will amount to R1,2bn funding infrastructure upgrades and refurbishments.

The operational budget for City Power is R20.5bn, of which R1.6bn is earmarked for reduction of power outages.

“This allocation is justified given historically low expenditure on City Power that has led to a breakdown in the City’s power network,” she said.

tariff water electricity
City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor, Dr Mpho Phalatse. Photo: Twitter/ @our_da


As of 1 July 2022 these tariffs have increased:

  • A 6% increase for property rates
  • A 6% increase for refuse removal
  • A 7,47%  tariff increase for electricity for domestic, commercial and industrial customers.
  • Water tariffs have increased by 9%
  • Sanitation charges have increased by 9%

Fines for illegal connections and electricity theft have been increased to R200 000 for individual or household accounts and R10 million for business accounts. Sutton said criminal charges will also be laid, and lost income pursued.

tariff water electricity
City of Tshwane Executive Mayor, Alderman Randall Williams. Image via Twitter/@tshwane_mayor.




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