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Second, escaped Tiger is recaptured in Edenvale

Second, escaped Tiger is recaptured in Edenvale

A Tiger from Edenvale, in the eastern parts of Johannesburg, has been safely captured after escaping its enclosure on Monday.

News24 reports that the owner of the Tiger is still unknown. However, the captured wild animal will be kept in a sanctuary. The publication reports that the wild animal jumped from house to house before it was later discovered on a veld.

During the early hours of Monday morning, CCTV footage of a Tiger roaming the streets of Edenvale went viral on social media. Authorities were simultaneously alerted and embarked on finding the wild animal. The exotic pet is reportedly 9 months old.

At the time, authorities warned residents to keep their pets indoors. As well as staying alert for a Tiger on the loose in Edenvale.

Just hours after the wild animal’s disappearance, the exotic animal was safely sedated and captured. There have been no reports of an attack on anyone thus far.

Taking to social media, @BrentLindeque wrote, “Another Tiger on the loose in Gauteng? This time apparently in Edenvale. I’m starting to believe that someone is playing Jumanji in Johannesburg.”

On the other hand, comedian Anele Mdoda wrote, “Another Tiger is on the loose. Y’all be safe out there. Edenvale side.”

While @bixibooo wrote, “Remember how we used to make fun of Americans that there were wild animals running around our cities?”

The tiger’s escape comes just a week after Sheba the Tiger escaped her enclosure. It was previously reported that thieves cut the fence to her enclosure, which ultimately left a gateway for the 8- year-old tigress to escape.

Since escaping her enclosure, Sheba fatally injured two dogs, attacked a 38-year-old man on his way from work, and killed a pig.

Unfortunately, Sheba couldn’t be safely captured. The SPCA, therefore, made the decision to euthanize her with the permission of her owner.





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