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Ward 57 councillor Faeeza Chame wishes learners luck

Ward 57 councillor Faeeza Chame wishes learners luck

“I would like take this opportunity to wish our learner’s well during their exams not forgetting our hardworking educators for their patient’s during school hours spent with the learner’s.
I also have a special message for our parent’s and gaurdians.
The exams for your children started. I know you really anxious for your child to excel. But please remember there is an artist who doesn’t need to understand maths. There is an sport’s person who’s physical fitness is more important then their grade in physics. There is a musician who’s chemistry mark’s won’t matter.
If your child gets top marks that’s great. But if he or she doesn’t please don’t take away their self confidence and their dignity from them. Tell them it’s OK. It is just an exam. They are cut out for much more bigger things in life. Tell them no matter what they score that you will still love them.
One exam or low mark will not take away their dream or talent. Please do not think that doctor’s and engineers are the only happy people in the world. Exams are important but they don’t define you. Grades are also good but they don’t define you. There is so much more potential inside you don’t let other people’s metrics of success becomes yours.
Everyone’s a genius but if you judge a fish by climbing a tree he will spent it’s life thinking he is stupid.” Ward 57 councillor Faeeza Chame




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