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WATCH: 3-year old spins father’s Ferrari like a pro

WATCH: 3-year old spins father’s Ferrari like a pro

A 3-year old boy is going viral for spinning his father’s Ferrari like a pro.

Zayn Sofuoğlu, who is off Dutch-Algerian descent seemingly inherited his father’s talent for speed and precision driving.

The talented boy’s father, Kenan Sofuoğlu, is a 5 times Motorcycle Super Sport World Champion.

With his social media presence being managed by his parents, mom Julia and his dad, Zayn has been pitted as the next rising race-car driver.

Some say if the boy is given the correct training and exposure to the sport, he may just be the next No.1 Formula 1 driver.


Kitted in personalized racing gear, little Zayn hops into his booster seat inside his father’s Ferrari.

Revving the high horse-powered Italian machine, the 3-year old then takes off on the race track and nails every bend perfectly.

But Zayn doesn’t just love spinning and driving his dad’s cars. Following in his father’s footsteps, the little guy also loves whipping out his dad’s motorbikes.

WATCH: 3-year old Zayn driving his dad’s Ferrari like a pro




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