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Watch: Police Destroy Illegal Mining Equipment

Watch: Police Destroy Illegal Mining Equipment

Elias Mawela, the Gauteng Police Commissioner said that the confiscation and destruction of equipment used by zama zama’s in Krugersdorp would only be a temporary measure in clamping down on illegal mining activities.

The commissioner led a sting operation on Wednesday in West Village where 17 people were arrested for being in the country illegally.

Late last month, eight women were gang raped by a group of illegal miners in Krugersdorp while they were shooting a music video at an abandoned mine in the area.

During the sting operation, police found some equipment, including gas cylinders and a measuring scale that were being used by zama zamas for their illegal mining.

Mawela said that the police destroyed the equipment: “If they need to start afresh, it will take them some time. And we believe that what we have done today has also affected them financially because we have removed their tools of trade, and these are quite expensive tools of trade.”

While the men have only been charged with being in the country illegally at this stage, police are hoping to establish links to other crimes and potentially even to the recent gang rape.




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