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Watch: Protesters Shut Down Tembisa

Watch: Protesters Shut Down Tembisa

Commuters in Tembisa, Kempton Park, were faced with a daunting challenge on Wednesday – as protesters blocked roads with burning debris. Fed-up local residents took to the streets in the early hours of Wednesday morning, raising several grievances amid their demonstrations.

There’s a multitude of reasons for this protest action, but a lot of it is driven by the current cost of living crisis. Fuel prices are unaffordable, electricity has become practically non-existent for some residents, and service delivery remains beyond questionable in the region.

This has created a volatile cocktail of anger, and scores of fed-up Tembisa residents have made their voices heard.

The visuals reaching from Tembisa are also a cause for concern. It appears that the community has blockaded a number of major routes in and out of the local CBD. Stones have allegedly been thrown at passing motorists, and police are struggling to maintain law and order.




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